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6904542_Jim Culloty on the gallops Mount Corbitt Photo Patrick McCann 06022012

The facilities in Mount Corbitt are second to none, the farm boasts a five furlong carpet fibre hill gallop, four furlong sand round gallop, extensive schooling ground which includes logs, easy fix hurdles and easy fix fences and indoor school which is used mostly over the winter.
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There is a vast amount of acreage that allows the horses to be galloped on grass during fairer weather.

Horses are regularly taken away to gallop at various racecourses and to the nearby legendary grass gallop that Vincent O’Brien successfully trained from, not 10 minutes from Mount Corbitt.

The main yard is fitted with rubber throughout the and there is solarium and ice water spa, wash bays and two horse walkers.


The schooling ground and hill gallop are available from 12 noon daily for hire.


Turn out paddocks and fields allow all horses in training to take a break and wind down as they need rest. The grass at Mount Corbitt is a blend of all of the natural found herbs and grasses to ensure the horses take full benefit from the grazing. The hay used on the farm is produced from the same blend of grasses.